Welcome to the website of the Belgian tribute band of the legendary "The Maverickx" , who have become a hype across the Atlantic.

The Mavorix submerge you in a world of endless highways, desolate motels and dark saloons. Back to the roots of raw but cosy American music with a southern touch. The music can be described as pop-country with a mix of Tex-Mex, Country, Rock, Blues and Swing. Music that breathes the spirit of Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. The beautiful voice of Raul Malo, is wonderfully  imitated by our lead-singer Wim Claes.

"The Mavorix" are 5 seasoned musicians. Together with their horn section (Bart  Gysemans -who also plays the fiddle and Marc Steenbergen) they bring a wonderful show. It is a mix of "The Mavericks" best songs, together  with some dainty  acoustic songs which are certainly  appreciated by the audience. Not to be missed by fans of American music!

On December 26th 2015 their first CD "In No Time" was released. Together with some well-known hits of "The Mavericks" there are some own tracks  on this CD. In the media you can watch and listen to a summary of this CD.
This CD is the start of their "In No Time" tour.


I Said


Tributeband to "The Mavericks"

The Mavericks is a neo traditional country-band. They originated when two friends ,Raul Malo and Robert Reynolds combined their mutual musical talent. They decide to form a band and
Robert's friend Paul Deakin is enlisted. Later guitarist Ben Peeler joined in and The Mavericks were born.
In 1991 they signed up with MCA Nashville. In 1992 they had their first hit "From hell to Paradise"
In that year guitarist Ben Peeler was replaced by David Lee Holt, who in turn  was replaced by Nick Kane in 1994.  Their biggest hit in Belgium and Holland was "Dance The Night Away".
On October 6 th  1998 they performed in Belgium's "Ancienne  Belgique". At the end of the nineties they split up.

In 2003 the band reunited and guitarist Eddy Perez and keyboard player Jerry Dale Mc Fadden joined them.
One year later the band broke up with MCA and sometime later they split up again. Raul Malo started a successful solo-career.

In 2012 the band made its comeback and signed up with Valory Music Co. In February 2013 , as planned, their album "In Time" is released and  this time it is bull's eye ! Meanwhile in America they became one of the most wanted bands.  Anyway , they call themselves  the best ballroom band in the world!
In europe they are known for songs as: Back in your arms again, Born to be blue, Dance the night away , Dolores, Think of me when you're lonely, La Mucara, La Bamba, I said I love you, All you ever do, Here comes my baby, Pizzirico, Time goes by ... and so on...

In 2014 they celebrated their 25th anniversary and their fame is still growing. Their new CD "MONO" is an anthology of  new and wonderful songs. Their new 2015 tour is called "Mono Mundo Tour".